Application Source Code Review


echnology, drives business growth and applications enable businesses to leverage the technology to its fullest potential to meets the needs of its customers and fuel business growth. Secure application can ensure the continued growth of business, build trust with customers and partners and meet the needs of regulatory bodies.


Application Source Code Review is a process of examining the source code of an application to evaluate its design, security and maturity. It helps organizations review software code for any latent security issues prior to release into user acceptance testing (UAT) or production. It is intended to find and fix mistakes introduced into an application in the development phase, improving the overall quality of software and ensuring security against cyber threats. Code review procedures are done in various forms such as pair programming, informal walk through, and formal inspections.

Application source code review complements application penetration testing, providing an in-depth understanding of the quality and potential security issues in the design of the application’s code. A manual review of application source code can results in an exhaustive view of vulnerabilities related to business logic, authorization and access management, as well as the application session and state control.

Aatreya goal is to help organizations secure their business critical applications and create a secure and resilient operating environment that promotes customer confidence and business growth.

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