Cloud Penetration Testing


s we continue to see more services migrating to the cloud, so the need for Cloud security testing increases. Aatreya delivers Cloud based penetration testing for Cloud service providers as well for the clients that use these services.


Cloud Security Testing Methodology

By targeting sensitive data, such as social security details, credit and loan agreements and investment and insurance information, Aatreya can identify security risks from both within an organization as well as externally through the internet. Aatreya works with their clients to identify where the threats emanate from, and then develop test vectors to simulate these routes of attack. Testing can include technical assessments that extend across internal and external resources, and cover directory services, web applications, databases, infrastructures.

Cloud Penetration Testers Experience

Aatreya has had experience is testing many of the larger Cloud based environments including Amazon’s EC2 environment, Rackspace Managed Cloud and Microsoft’s Azure platform. In addition, the methodologies and approaches gained within these environments give us the insight on how to test other cloud based services.

Red team exercises often operate over an extended time and combine multi-faceted testing approaches that are designed to not only seek to penetrate an organisation but verify the response, monitoring and incident response investigation process and actions. It includes physical security testing, social engineering, 3rd party relationships, hacking, malware insertion, pivoting and human manipulation.

Similarly, for software houses and development companies that are publishing their applications in to the cloud, Nettitude has a range of services that provide systems assurance for these offerings.

Aatreya has an intricate understanding of many of the shared technologies that are implemented to deliver cloud based services. In addition to this, Aatreya has extensive experience in identifying some of the vulnerabilities that can be created by these types of environments. As a consequence of this, Aatreya is able to deliver highly effective testing strategies for all types of public and private cloud infrastructures.

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