IT Security Training & Awareness


omputer viruses, network attacks, fraud, industrial espionage, and many other types of threats are faced by organizations every day. Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of organizational assets; people, processes, technology, facilities, data, operations, IT systems, etc., is essential for maintaining profitability, compliance, customer confidence, and a competitive edge. Investments in the implementation of advanced technologies and processes can help reduce the potential impact of these everyday threats, however, lack of end user awareness can significantly reduce ROI and increase the threat level to organizational assets.


Even with the best technical security controls in place, hackers continue to gain unauthorized access into secure networks, websites and personal systems.

Every individual, vendor, partner has a role to play in the success of an organizations information security program. Security awareness training for employees, vendors, partners and third parties is the organizations first line of defense to protect against loss of business-critical information.

Having a comprehensive information security awareness and training program allows organizations to educate all personnel, vendors and partners about their roles and responsibilities in ensuring the security of organizational information assets. A security awareness program provides the greatest ROI, and can have a significant impact on improving the overall security posture of an organization. Ensuring that the program is effective and efficient will help reduce security incidents, enable secure business operations and protect sensitive information assets.

Aatreya information security training and awareness program can help evaluate your current program and its efficiency or develop a customized awareness and training program based on your organizational security needs and compliance requirements

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