Red Team Testing


he majority of threats against your networks, data and systems are humans. They do not follow automated patterns like machines. They don’t shoot in straight lines. They don’t come knocking on the front door.

What is Red Team Testing?

Real attacks will be aware of your counter measures. They will look for the backdoors, less observed routes, the unexpected entry points. They will come over the roof, through the tunnels and from the air. They will be believable, credible and will hold up under examination. They will have a history, a purpose and even the ability to explain their presence.


Red team security testing provides you will a method of testing these scenarios. Not just what threats would be successful but also how well equipped your company is to detect, react and block such attempts.

Red team exercises often operate over an extended time and combine multi-faceted testing approaches that are designed to not only seek to penetrate an organisation but verify the response, monitoring and incident response investigation process and actions. It includes physical security testing, social engineering, 3rd party relationships, hacking, malware insertion, pivoting and human manipulation.

It looks at the response, the detection, the success rates and the defence failures. It gives you remediation advice, threat protection strategies and a route to more robust information assurance.

A Red Team stages

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