Vulnerability Assessment


atreya vulnerability assessment and scanning services are designed to test your internal or external infrastructure and applications against known vulnerabilities and exposures. The assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities that could be used by either an internal or external attacker to compromise your IT assets.


Vulnerability assessments do not result in any form of exploitation and as a consequence provide less narrative around risk compared to a penetration test. However, vulnerability assessments can be highly automated, and as such can be delivered very rapidly. As a consequence, vulnerability assessments can deliver significant amounts of assurance at minimal levels of investment.

Automated Vulnerability Assessment

An assessment of this kind runs a series of automated scripts and checks to assess an infrastructure against known vulnerabilities. Automated tests can be completed very quickly and are the cheapest form of test to conduct. However, they also lack human logic and are consequently not able to assess an infrastructure as thoroughly as a consultancy led assessment. Aatreya has designed it’s automated vulnerability assessment service to be compliant with the PCI ASV programme as well as being suitable for organizations working towards HIPAA compliance.

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